Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 4 and I Quit!

I have quit the 30 day challenge!.  Have I failed?  No.  I dont believe that I have. 

Infact, this has taught me so much over the past 4 days and I will try and explain this........

This is pressure....pure pressure.  Not that I am uncomfortable with that as I work well under pressure.  But its unnesecessary pressure, without gain.  

Yes, I am painting more, but with a view to deliver and entering a piece every day and not really focussing on completing it to my satisfaction and even doing it well. But I am enjoying searching out the things that I really wanted to paint before and making myself do them. But why cant I do this anyway. Of course I can and now I will.

At the end of the day I way just delivering! And where and why! 

I wanted to revisit paintings that I have done in the past and re do them but not like this.   I could do it, but there wouldnt be much point because again time will not have been taken to do the job well and therefore not improve on what I had before.

If I were a professional artist and could dedicate my day to the task that would be another story, but I am not.

I have chores to do and holidays to run and family visiting and will not deprive each of those of my time because I want to despatch a half hearted painting.  I am even losing sleep over "what should I paint next".  It is not worth it!

I will paint more now because I have missed it and I love it but I will also respect the advice of those that I am learning from around me and take time rather than try and throw their theories down

Hopefully this will make me a much better artist and person too.



  1. I understand too. It's a bit commitment when you have other things in your life. I just paint when the mood takes me and I have time. I enjoy it more that way.

  2. I've done the challenge twice, didn't complete the first time but managed the second... I think your reasons for not continuing are sound and reasonable and if it has kick started a new painting habit then it was worth the days you have spent so far..... painting should be fun, never a pressure and it isn't as if you don't have enough to do!! Will look forward to seeing more from you in the future!! xx

  3. Exactly the reason I didn't do it this time - I knew I wouldn't have the time and I was in a much better position and frame of mind last time and found it fun rather than becoming a chore and pressure - there's just too much going on at the moment so I completely understand you not carrying on with it - shame though as I've been enjoying seeing your paintings over the last few days!!