Thursday, December 13, 2012

End of the Year - End of the world?

Autumn at Bandouille
Autumn saw wonderful colours here at Bandouille, but my most favourite of them all were not the usual changing foliage of the trees but the fantastic display of toadstools (fly algaric) under the Birch trees by the lake.  I think you will agree they look spectacular but also deadly as far as I am aware. 

2012 is nearly at an end and according to many myths so is the end of the world.  Well today is the 13th December so we have bypassed one date comfortably (being yesterday the 12th) and now to wait and see what our 2nd deadline brings (21st)!
I think business as usual – don’t you?   

So with 2013 in mind, our calendar for art holiday bookings is open for our forthcoming workshops and standard holidays. All groups are also welcome and these can include, Yoga, golf, Zentangle, writing, photography etc in fact anything (pretty much).  Please enquire for group rates

We are very excited to announce  that Joanne Boon Thomas and Eugen Chisnicean will be joining us in 2013.  For more details on their workshops please click the appropriate links.

June 30th - July 6th -  2013 – for a Brusho/watercolour workshop - Click here for details

and Eugen Chisnicean 

August 25th - August 31st    - Watercolour workshop with Eugen Chisnicean - Click here

If you are interested please do not delay as space is limited to 8 students per workshop and we have already taken some bookings in part for both events.

We also have the opportunity of hosting a Zentangle and Colour Therapy Workshop.  If you are interested in this please contact us here

RENOVATION - Bandouille a work in progress - slowly!!!!
After having our underfloor heating installed at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, we are now cosy and warm.  But when we had that work done we still had to consider replacing the 40 year old boiler that was servicing the house as it was now deemed not to be efficient nor economical.  This has now been done after digging into the last of our savings with very little upheaval and the benefits are already apparent.

Also those that have had the pleasure in staying in the largest of our guest rooms would have noticed that the ceiling boards needed to be completed and this has now been done and the room completely redecorated too.  So nice and fresh for the the next season.

The work on the floor of the capitalaire is on hold due to all the wet weather we have had and we are not able to move waste out of there due to the wheelbarrow sinking in the soft ground.

 Our new ducks, Bianca, Coco and Blanche….- (guess what  - they are all white!!!!)  have now been with us for 6 months and although they are free to roam all day have only just discovered the lake and that they can swim.

We tried many times, with and without guests to "whoosh" them to the water but they bottled it within inches and it had not been possible till now.  And then the next day the lake froze…Confused….they certainly were!

Wherever you may be in the western part of the globe, you can be pretty certain you are not too far away from a Christmas fair or market.  This year I found myself at St. Loup (a place where I take my guests in the summer to paint) and was thrilled to be an wonderful christmassy environment in the village.  The evening was perfectly cold and frosty to add to the atmosphere and all the stalls were inspirational for crafts and ideas

So wherever you may be both Drew and I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year and hope to welcome you to Bandouille one day so that you too can share the peace that we have here.