Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day 3 of the Challenge

I promised myself that I would make an effort this year to study the books and the magazines that I have bought in the past and follow the exercises to learn each authors techniques. After all that is why I bought the books in the first place, but time just runs out. This is for me a great way of learning.

Todays choice was from John Lovetts wonderful book Techniques and Special Effects for Watercolour.  By far my 
most favourite book in my library of art books.  And I have a few!  Check it out for yourselves by Clicking here  and  viewing a review by John on this book.  His video too Splashing Paint is fantastic. 

I love his colour choices and how he focus's on his "centre of interest" and then fades away areas that are not important but still relevant enough to keep in.  This little exercise was in this book and I have added some elements myself but stuck to his colour choices and little tweaks here and there.  Definately my favourite artist.  So I shall be doing more from this book during the challenge.

John Lovett, if you visit this blog, I would love you to run a workshop here at Bandouille in France...which is of course what we do!!!

The Studio at Bandouille - Eugen Chisnicean

Talking of Workshops....2015  here is who we have coming so far!

Keiko Tanabe, Eugen Chisnicean and Joanne Boon Thomas have all confirmed that they are returning to us in 2015 and each will be holding 2 workshops.  We do already have bookings, so recommend that you book your place early to avoid disappointment.

Click here for all the information and our  website where you can contact us for booking.

More annoucements will be make very soon.  So watch this space.

Lastly, a bit of sewing.....I provide mens shirts as paint aprons and came across this idea on Pinterest on how to convert a mans shirt into an apron...and very soon worked out that you can infact get 2 aprons out of one shirt...

So here is one (or two) that I made earlier.  Fantastic idea and the cuffs I designed as nice big pockets for the front. Easy peasy.....

Click here for more ideas on Pinterest on how to make these gems!

More from me tomorrow on my 4th day of the challenge!


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