Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bandouille Sunrise September 2014
2nd day of Challenge

Day 2 and this is my entry for today. 

Keeping it simple!

This was the gorgeous scene of the sunrise this morning of the lake and wanted to record it for once in watercolour. So I sketched using the colours I saw and then did this later in the day.

I do have several on the go at the moment and many in planning stages.  Just trying to keep organised as I know the pressure will build and I do have two more groups visiting us before the end of the season.

Great fun though and putting into effect things that I have learnt this season from our wonderful tutors that have visited us this year.  I will also be completing some of the exercises that our guests did with these artists and I was unable to partake in before.  Lets see what I learnt.

Catch up again tomorrow!



  1. Quite lovely. I saw it on Leslie's blog and came over to tell you how much I like the colors and the peaceful mood it inspires...

  2. Thank you Meredith for taking the time and for your comment too. Bx