Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Welcome to the Bandouille Blogspot


Yay!..................Our first blogpost  has been launched.

Visit us here to find out what we are doing at Bandouille.  This may be renovations to the property or Art holiday information relating to our www.francepaintingholiday.com site, fishing information relating to our www.francefishingcarp.com site or me just rambling on about stuff that I have found out around our local area and recipes that work.

Who knows! But its going to be fun and I do love to ramble on the internet so what better spot to do it on.

Please feel free to roam both the above sites and also visit our facebook pages (france painting holiday and france fishing carp)..and don't hold back on the"likes".....we need the "likes"!

There is loads of information on these pages including wonderful photos of people that have visited and lovely artworks that they have created and huge fish that have been caught.

If however you have any ideas on what else you would like to see on this blog (keep it clean please!) then just let us know.....this afterall is for you and not for us! And if the information is not forthcoming give us a poke......and let us know!

That said and done am now planning what to post for the initial pages and please come back to have a look on what I have decided!

A bientot (as they do say in France) and have fun! B

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  1. Wonderful Bix :) I shall enjoy your blog and thanks for sharing! Sally V. Your IDP friend