Thursday, October 20, 2011

Simple as ABC - A Bandouille Chutney!

 A glorious morning across Bandouille Lake and the first show of frost on the ground.

Felt some cooking coming on.  Ideal plan for a cold Autumn morning and thought I had better try and relieve some of the heaving apple and pear trees in the orchard and collect some figs before the frost detroys them.

(1 hour later)
Now with all my fruits gathered am off to the kitchen to find out what I haven’t got in my larder to continue!

(2 hours later)……..

Well lucky me….all the things that I needed for completing the chutney were safely stored in my larder area.  I based it on a recipe found on the internet -       and added some star anise, cardomon seeds, chillis, oranges and celery and then  left to cook for a couple of hours. I bypassed the bit about putting everything into a processor as I like my chutney to be chunky….it all simmers down to a good pulpy mix anyway.

Hey presto!!!!! This is the result…..15 jars of very rich and dark and spicy Apple, Pear and Fig Chutney…..Yum! I doubled the quantity by the way to get 15 small/medium jars......

Last year I made some similar with Quince added and walnuts too and we ate the last jar of this a couple of weeks ago.  Beacause of the vinegar content it stores quite happily in a cool dark place.

Am now going to do some experiments with the figs……will let you know what I come up with.

Off to put some labels and lid dresses on these babies and then have to think who will get one of these at christmas!

Enough for now…see you later!


  1. Hi Bix, Best of luck with the blog! I have a book by Beryl Wood called "Let's Preserve it" it has a jam/chutney/pickle/relish recipe for just about every fruit and veg known to man. It's quite old but still in print...put it on your Christmas list, it's brilliant...

  2. Thanks Wendy....I am sure that others will put that on their lists too!