Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Out in the Garden at Bandouille!

Painting from Geoff Kersey exercise

What a wonderful weekend we just had! The weather was autumly wonderful! Full of the colours you would expect at this time of year.
Foggy in the morning, warm and sunny during the day and chilly in the evening. Enough chill to warrant the woodburning stove being on enhancing the cosy quality of our farmhouse  kitchen.  I love these days!

We were working all weekend clearing the garden and all around the lake using the tractor and the chainsaw.  We had a few dead trees that needed to come down or just pulled out..  Now these have all been chopped up and loaded on the tractor and stored in the barn for two years before they can be used for our huge fireplace in the lounge.

Our chimney sweep! M. Behlas
Knowing that it is now fire burning season we thought we would call in our local chimney sweep but were unable to get hold of him…..but left a message nonetheless just for him to call us!   The next thing we know he arrives chez nous in the afternoon and offers to clean the chimney immediately…Very unusual service!….A bit befuzzled, we agreed and ½ an hour later one ready to use chimney…..Hoorah!   

So on Saturday evening -  with two large bonfires lined up to burn tomorrow. Logs stored. The lavender bushes trimmed, and some of leaves raked up and front garden mown…..all good things had to come to an end…The siton mower packed up and on waking up on Monday morning after the howling winds in the night the garden is again covered in leaves and more clearing of dead twigs and branches is required.GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! 

And if that wasn’t enough ….its now pouring with rain……But I have to add much needed rain for our rapidly diminshing lake and very thirsty trees and plants.

Lets see what tomorrow brings! 

At least some of us are enjoying it!......Oh well.... C’est la vie!  

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