Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Year of the Pig _ Happy New Chinese Year

This Little Piggie...stayed at home.....

After discovering the qualities of Angelina Fibre and Film from the previous post project (sourced from Colourcraft Ltd) I was keen to work with it some more.

With the Chinese New Year  and last month, a wonderful challenge on the FB page United by Art showing two little piglets, I took my inspiration from there.

I love these groups as I love a challenge
Photo is taken from Pixabay so free from Copyright

I sketched this little guy in my sketchbook and worked out how I was going to approach this.

I already had alot of left overs of the fibres and film from the fish project, but wanted to create a new sheet with more pinks to represent his skin.

As this is a piglet, he/she is also quite hairy too.                       SEE VIDEO HERE

Materials Used 

Angelina fibres (warm sample pack)
Angelina Film 
Card for template and pen
Sewing machine
Matching and contrasting threads

Scrap of denim and Raffia

I traced him from my sketch 

 To create a template to use with my sheet of new fabric created from Angelina

Template on far left

I selected the colours that I wanted to blend together and then pressed
with a medium iron to fuse them together

This gave me a sheet of pink hues that I needed
I then used my template to draw and cut around the head 
I cut out some ear shaped film (from the top)
and pulled some white strands and pressed to the top of the head

 Using my sewing machine I followed the detail from my sketch that I wanted to include and
added a trough and some straw

This is what she looks like from the back - so very little details
But effective

I added the trough with some bleached denim and added the yellow middles
with a yellow sharpie
and added the straw (raffia)

If you missed it above

I think I will change the frame for a larger one and make sure the background is smoothed out more by ironing on some vilene interfacing.  It will help stiffen the piece too

Great fun and more projects on their way.

Angelina materials were supplied by Colourcraft Ltd My goto  for craft/textile materials

A bientot
Bix x

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