Monday, April 4, 2016

Inspired by Art

Having fun playing with my Gel Press plates again this weekend and have set aside a new blog post step by step for April 20th for World Earth day which will be a blog hop where you can win a Large Format Round plate from Gel Press so keep an eye out for that. 

In preparation for that I was playing around getting ideas for it and the ideas kept flowing. This one is inspired by Monet,

I will post the other ones after embellishment after the Blog Hop;

I have discovered one thing whilst doing all this printing on the Gel Press Plates...I do love it but I love an instant result too.  As I am not a "art journaller per se" (and I do so admire those that are) I cannot see myself cutting out bits n pieces to use in a book or journal.  I paint. I paint pictures mostly in watercolour and therefore I like to produce that is what I am going to strive for mostly from this process.

As so many people have requested a video showing how I create my small poppy landscapes I have just finished filming a simple landscape routine which I will be publishing later this week.

In the meantime I have decided I want to run "Inspired by my favourite artist" every month and will deliver the final print on my blog.  I think it is important to study other artists famous or not as it expands our knowledge of techniques, mediums and colours too.  Also the way that those worked before us set certain styles in motion which became the fabric of all the art movements.

So this month I am working on a huge favourite of mine and may do more of his....that was a big hint!!!!

Can you see who the artist is yet????  

More to come soon



  1. Bix I can't wait to see your video. I have bought a Gel Press plate because I was having so much problem with the paint sticking to my other brand plate. I tried to make a many-layered print similar to yours and ended up with the paint holding the plate so tight that when I removed the paper after taking my print, the a layer of paper and the paint stayed on the plate. It was very strange, I have no idea why this was happening - I used Golden and Liquitex paints so they were good quality. I've done a bit of printing with my new plate and the paint is releasing from the plate and I'm having successes again. Can't wait to try your method! Thanks for answering the pleas of all your followers!

    1. Thank you Jakki for your lovely comment. Hopefully it will be showing this week. I have kept it simple, but it covers exactly what my process is. My paints are normally the cheapest I can find or that are on offer as I get through alot of it. I try and do one layer only and then embellish later. Bx

    2. Hi Jakki just to inform you that I have released the video and have included it above in another post on the blog. Feel free to comment and share B