Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Stephie Butlers portrait workshop 2015

Well what an amazing week that was!  Apart from watching Stephie doing her wonderful demos the weather was beyond belief!  By Tuesday we hit 42 degrees but working in the coolness of the Studio during some of the hottest times was lovely. But even there we needed some airing!

The above paintings are some of the demonstrations that Stephie did for the group and she also found time to do some large cat studies aswell to demonstrate that her techniques work well for wildlife too!

Inbetween time we popped out and visited a couple of places early in the morning when the air was nice and cool and it was comfortable to walk around.  A nice photo opportunity for everyone and then back for a well deserved lunch.

Aut Fouee - Parthenay

St Loup Chateau

Le Chapeau Rouge St Loup

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See you again soon

Oh and here is one that I did on Sunday following everyone departure!


  1. Looks like a great workshop. What a lovely selection of paintings

    1. It was a wonderful workshop but then all of our workshops are wonderful Polly as you may have gathered. A very talented group this time too. Thank you for leaving a comment Bx