Saturday, April 22, 2017

World Earth Day 2017

World Earth day today......

Here is my contribution for today's thought.  The world is in turmoil and on the brink of utter madness. I think enough the meantime "life" goes on.....

There are more examples of World Earthday prints further down the here to view post and slideshow

Abattoir Bressuire
 Sketching and Improvement

Last year I promised myself that I would do more sketching and develop sketch books that I could be proud of.  I also joined a few of the Craftsy sketching courses run by various artists (see here) which helped me so much to see things so differently…and I think that I have made great moves forward now. What do you think?

Here are a few of my latest all now done in one of my homemade sketchbooks.

Theatre Bressuire

Bisschopsmolen, Maastricht
Although I love painting loosely and printing in an almost abstract way I do love the working out and the “maths” of architectural drawing and adding colour. Although I regard myself a real beginner on perspective but love it when it works.

I am trying to be more disciplined in both regularity of drawing and in using my sketchbooks correctly

I also visited Maastricht, the oldest city in Holland, a couple of weeks ago and was completely blown away.  It was beautiful.  Artsy, quirky, old, interesting, colourful…I loved it.  Holland is very much bicycle culture and that was very apparent as soon as I crossed the border and drove along the river Maas.  Bikes everywhere...very daunting at first but eventually I even cycled into town with my daughter on the last day too.. Great fun!
Bonnefantum Art Museum

There was so much to see and experience, that a few days was certainly not enough time to absorb it all.  I will be back.

Matisse Museum
On my way there I stayed in a small town in northern France,  Le Cateau-Cambrésis on the Belgian border that houses the Museum and Gallery of Henri Matisse...WOW  what an experience.  I loved it.  So inspirational.  Well worth the visit

I even had time to sketch in the garden too!

Everyday in March Portrait sketching group

In March I also signed up to the Everyday in March group...mainly because the theme was portraits and each day you were given a type of person to paint....i.e.  scientist, male, female, male movie star, leader etc.  

I think its a bit like learning perspective...its such a thrill to get a likeness.  Oh what fun...Just my kind of thing (at that time) I did as many as I possibly could.  I think that I reached 20....

If you have never joined a group like this I thoroughly recommend it.  Its a great motivator and fun too, with the added bonus, that you learn something everyday. 

Thats pretty much it for now..other to say that Arty our lovely cat is now growing up and moulting madly to get ready for the summer and is having great fun with the appearance of lots of lizards and mice...

He's the best ever addition to Bandouille...

More again soon



  1. You have been busy!! I am really keen to go on a sketching course.. someone I know is running one but I couldn't make the particular weekend... I think they will run it again so I will definitely be on it! Your portraits were fab btw.... I didn't know everyone but all the ones I did know I recognised, well done you!! Love the sketches too!

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